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How to Install Zend Framework

What are Frameworks? A Framework is a collection of reusable items or steps in a repeatable process.  A software application framework is a well-defined Application programming interface (API) that serves as abstraction layers that separate business logic from application logic.  … Continue reading

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Data Visualization is Key

Happy Fav Five Friday! Social Media + Time = Information Overload Our time to review information is shrinking while the available information to review is growing, which leads us to the need for methods that help us understand information faster. … Continue reading

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Using Adobe Dreamweaver to color code modules, zend templates, & other file types

Getting Dreamweaver to open template files Adobe Dreamweaver makes coding easier with it’s color coding and auto-complete features. I use the Zend Framework on many of my projects and I wanted to take advantage of features in Dreamweaver for my … Continue reading

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5 Zend PHP Videos Covering Google, RIAs, & Studio For Your Enterprise 2.0 Strategy

Zend Demo Videos: Fav Five Friday Happy Friday!  I have been helping people with web-based solutions for years.  Some of my projects have included simple brochure type of web sites, others have been dynamic, database driven web sites with a … Continue reading

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