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Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web #TED Talk

Linked Data by Tim Berners-Lee

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Tim Berners-Lee — Linked Data TED 2009 Conference Presentation

Linked data will transform “Hits” to “Results”.  See the full presentation slides here.

The Semantic Web isn’t just about putting data on the web. It is about making links, so that a person or machine can explore the web of data.  With linked data, when you have some of it, you can find other, related, data. Read More

#TED Talk Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web

20 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. For his next project, he’s building a web for open, linked data that could do for numbers what the Web did for words, pictures, video: unlock our data and reframe the way we use it together. Link

You can also follow Sir Tim Berners-Lee on Twitter @Timberners_lee

Advance the Web. Empower People.

WWW Foundation
WWW Foundation

Take a look at Tim’s new project “World Wide Web Foundation

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Web, the World Wide Web Foundation is an international, not-for-profit organization that leads transformative programs to advance the Web as a medium that empowers people to bring about positive change. Learn more here http://www.webfoundation.org/ Follow this project on Twitter @webfoundation.

The Art of Enterprise Architecture in E 2.0

Thoughts on Enterprise Architecture (EA) for E 2.0 Solutions

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Photo of Pyramid & Sphinx of Khafre/Chefren in Giza Egypt by Ankur P
Photo of Pyramid & Sphinx of Khafre/Chefren in Giza Egypt by Ankur P

The Cornerstone of Enterprise 2.0 ROI

The cornerstone of enterprise architecture in your organization unites people and process.  Yes, I put “people” first because I believe if you put process or even technology before “people” is the fast-track to failure and your organization will soon look like a scene from that movie 2012.  I hear so many organizations say they value people, “Our customers come first…”, “We value our employees…”, this core value seems lost on some enterprise projects.  The strategy of capturing return on investment (ROI) is “listening”.  Listen to your employees.

  • What is in their way of helping you and your organization on the path to success?
  • Who has the next great idea that will catapult your organization past your competitors?
  • What if this great idea came from multiple sources? How would you connect them?

Your customers are smart about your products and services.  Your customers are also smart about your competitors products and services.  You may not be able to find a customer that knows everything, but a gathering of your customers can help you learn more than you know now.  Listen to your customers.

  • What do they like most about your products or services?
  • What do they like least about your products or services?
  • Who prevents them from always using your products and services?
  • When do they need your products or services most?
  • Where are they and how can you get more?

You are smart.  You have thoughts and ideas about a strategy for a positive future.  You also have many resources at your disposal to help shape these thoughts and ideas into plans.  You can connect with unlimited resources to help execute these plans.  Listen to you.

  • What would make your life easier?
  • When do you share with others?
  • Where can you connect with others?
  • Why would you hide knowledge?
One Cloud by Liber
One Cloud by Liber

The Cloud is Moving into the Enterprise

Cloud Computing is moving toward the enterprise or maybe its the other way around.  Amazon (Elastic Compute Cloud [Amazon EC2] ) has a facility near Washington DC, actually just down the street from my house.  We also welcome IBM into the DC neighborhood, see what IBM thinks about Cloud Computing.  The movement towards Government 2.0 will also have government agencies thinking more about cloud computing.  You can see what Vivek Kundra (The Federal Government’s CIO) thinks about the future of Government IT in this report by David C. Wyld Moving to the Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Computing in Government”.

The Art of Enterprise Architecture in E 2.0

The art of enterprise architecture is all about connecting people and leveraging resources.

You may not be ready for the cloud yet, but there are many resources to help you with your needs.  The key to information architecture is to capture knowledge in “Shareable Content Objects”.  I believe the day of creating “web sites”, “portals”, and such will soon come to an end.  The future is about less risk and distributed responsibility with Platforms, “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) [ Cloudware ]  We will be free to focus on connections and content for distribution channels. The content distribution channels will continue blending together as we see mobile, web, and traditional media becoming one.

5 Favorite Resources for Platform Development

Enterprise 2.0 Strategy

The process of implementing enterprise 2.0 is a broad topic.  Ross Dawson does a great job covering this in his book, “Implementing Enterprise 2.0: A Practical Guide To Creating Business Value Inside Organizations With Web Technologies”  You can also find some great people and resources from the “Enterprise 2.0 Conference“, I have a small article about the conference here: 5 Trends Supporting the Future of Enterprise 2.0 There are a lot of smart people sharing their expertise on the web, here are just a few of my favorites this week.

This next one is older, but important

Best Web Video Ever: HTML 5, Mobile Web, Social Networks, & more from the Masters!

Web 2.0 Summit 09: Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Tim O’Reilly

This video is amazing! The Web’s Founding Fathers @timberners_lee & @timOReilly cover so much on Web 2.0, semantic web, FOAF, micro formats, social networks, HTML 5, mobile web,..

You really need to watch this a few times and take notes. This video is 33 minutes of pure genius!

If you only watch one video about the web this year, this is it!

What is your favorite part of this video?


Web 2.0 Summit 2009 on Mobile, Google, Twitter, Bing, Facebook, & More – Web Squared

The Amazing Web 2.0 Summit 2009 – O’Reilly Media #w2s

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Web 2.0 Summit 2009

The Web 2.0 Summit conversation is no longer just about the Web. Now is the time to put the power of the Web to work—its technologies, its business models, and perhaps most importantly, its philosophies of openness, collective intelligence, and transparency. http://www.web2summit.com/web2009

The Web 2.0 Event of the Year – Web 2.0 Summit – Web Squared #w2s

There were so many great events in the past few days. The big events that caught my eye were: Web 2.0 Summit 2009 #w2s , Blog World – New Media Expo 2009 #bwe09, and TWTRCON DC 09 #twtrcon. The Summit was outstanding and easy to follow online.  John Battelle, Tim O’Reilly, and all the people supporting this event did an outstanding job!  There was an avalanche of news released about all levels of technology, including Twitter, Google, Bing, Facebook, and so much more.  This event was like an intellectual amusement park with thrill after thrill.  Thanks to @JohnBattelle, @timoreilly, and the crew at @web2summit for another thrilling event. Thanks to all the guests, attendees, and fans for sharing #w2s

5 Web 2.0 Summit Resources to Help Plan Your 2010 Strategy

Economy + Internet Trends Presentation by Mary Meeker

You can get Mary Meeker’s Economy + Internet Trends Presentation here.

Internet Trends Presentation - Web 2.0 Summit 2009

Web 2.0 Summit Videos on blip.tv

Web 2.0 Summit 2009 Videos on YouTube

Web 2.0 Summit (formerly named Web 2.0 Conference) brings the intelligence, innovation, and leadership of the Internet industry together in one place at one time. Through incisive plenary sessions, frank onstage conversations, rapid-fire “high order bits,” and Launch Pad, visionaries and executives from Internet businesses present their unique perspective on the Web’s future-in-flux. Web 2.0 Summit is brought to you in partnership with O’Reilly Media, Inc. and TechWeb and moderated by John Battelle, Program Chair, and O’Reilly CEO and founder, Tim O’Reilly.

Web 2.0 Summit 2009 Photos on Flickr by O’Reilly Conferences

Web 2.0 Summit 09: Aneesh Chopra and Tim O’Reilly

Aneesh Chopra (Federal Office of Science and Technology Policy), Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media, Inc.), “A Conversation with Aneesh Chopra”

Welcome to the “New World”!

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Open Source: Social Media, Web, Government, & US 2.0 #oscon

Open Source: Social Media, Web, Government, & US 2.0 #oscon

Mobile Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media growth explosion happens because of Crowd Sourcing and Open Source. The world is changing and we have great opportunities in front of us. The Web 2.0 and Government 2.0 movement is taking us into new frontiers where we will explore fresh new ways of communication and collaboration. There have been many things going on this week that has me thinking more about the internet as an operating system. Open Source: “Some of the best things in life are free”. While the value of open source is recognized by more private companies and government agencies, I am wondering more about the future of open source. Here are a few videos I hope you share with your friends.

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“Once again, this nation has said there are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach.” ~ John S. Herrington

“Rebuilding the World” by Don Tapscott

The global economic crisis is a wakeup call to the world: we need to rethink and rebuild many of the organizations and institutions that have served us well for decades, but now have come to the end of their life cycle. The financial services industry, for example, does not just need fresh infusion of capital or some new regulations; it needs a whole new operating model — one based on transparency, sharing of intellectual property and global governance.

The new keynote “Rebuilding the World” by Don Tapscott from Sander Duivestein on Vimeo.

Tim O’Reilly: Open Source & Government 2.0 – DIO #oscon

US Now

A film about democracy, mass collaboration and the internet. Featuring interviews with Alan Cox, Matthew Taylor, Liam Daish, Clay Shirky, George Osborne MP, and Ed Milliband MP.

Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary

Remember this? Barack Obama: On Net Neutrality