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Mobile Enterprise 2.0: Web on Apple iPhones & RIMM BlackBerry Phones #ME20

Supporting Mobile Devices in Your Enterprise 2.0 Solutions #ME20 Mobile Enterprise 2.0 Mobile devices are already in the Enterprise, why not make simple modifications to your data so it will easily display on mobile devices.  Take a look around your … Continue reading

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See This New Augmented Reality App for the Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone AppStore is about to get it’s First Augmented Reality App AcrossAir creates a very interesting Apple iPhone App.  This amazing new application tells Londoners where their nearest tube station is via their iPhones video function. When you load … Continue reading

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ReST + Context For Killer Apple iPhone Apps in the Enterprise: WE 2.0

Apple iPhone + Cloud Computing + G3 = Killer Wireless Enterprise 2.0 Apps The Apple iPhone is very powerful by itself, but when you combine it with RESTful web services in the cloud the possibilities look endless.  Wireless Enterprise 2.0 … Continue reading

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Challenges to Apple iPhone Adoption in the Enterprise WE 2.0

Will Enterprise 2.0 (E 2.0) Lead Us to Wireless Enterprise 2.0 (WE 2.0)? The success of Enterprise 2.0 can be measured by its adoption rate.  The adoption rate increases when people find new ways to communicate and collaborate in which … Continue reading

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