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Harvard Business Review:The Future of Work & Social Business Leadership Gamification

The Social Business Leadership Game Plan

Many of today’s leaders are not interested in running a daycare.  Most leaders are interested in finding creative ways to drive innovation and increase productivity to help the business achieve it’s goals by accomplishing business objectives through collaborative efforts.  Good leaders don’t develop followers, they develop leaders.  Great leaders develop leaders that help others unlock the power of “Thought Leadership“.  Leadership development is a perpetual process that empowers people with the ability to create real change.  The thought leaders of today are leveraging the strategy in game play to create plans that accomplish the goal of shaping a brighter future for all of us.

The Truth About “Thinking Outside the Box”

Realizing the truth about “Thinking Outside the Box”, “there is no box”.  I touched on this last year in “There is no Enterprise 2.0: The Practice of Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Patterns“.  The article includes a video clip from the Matrix movie when Neo is learning to grasp the concept of “there is no spoon”.  One of the main goals of Enterprise 2.0 is to create a collaborative culture to support a Social Business future where “there are no silios”.  Social Business thought leaders are already capitalizing on the benefits of network effects through the implementation of Social Network Platforms.  This social business strategy in now being extended to go beyond supporting internal collaboration, to include external partners and customers.  Learn more about Building Social Business at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference.  This progressive path of innovation in the Enterprise is leading us to the next level of deeper Engagement through Gamification to support real Social Business.

Leadership in Social Business

Tens of millions of people are honing their leadership skills in multiplayer online games. The tools and techniques they’re using will change how leaders function tomorrow— and could make them more effective today.

Game Elements can make Leadership easier today. Organizations can benefit by selectively “gamifying” their work environments in order to improve the quality of leadership — not in the future but right away. Learn more about new levels of effective leadership in this Harvard Business Review paper by Byron Reeves, Thomas W. Malone, and Tony O’Driscoll.

The FUSE of Social Business Engagement

  • Fuels Passion
  • Unites People
  • Strengthens Meaningful Relationships
  • Extends Impact

Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders

Stanford University shares  how Multiplayer Games Will Change the Future of Work in this video presentation by Seriosity.

Total Engagement

Based on extensive hands-on research, case studies, and the authors entrepreneurial ventures, Total Engagement convincingly outlines how games will transform work, from repetitive call-center jobs to high-level teams who must collaborate with members dispersed around the globe. The authors show why you must begin building a game strategy now.  Learn more about this strategy from this book, “Total Engagement“.

Social Business Gamification Strategy

Adopting the principals of game theory in a Social Business Strategy to leverage game mechanics for supporting deeper levels of engagement is easier though collaboration.  Starting small and working with other innovators to enhance game dynamics in any culture will reduce risk and increase the return on investment.  Gamification is a wide topic where some people are still more focused on word play, which seems to be creating greater division instead of unity around this idea.  Call it “Gamify”, “Gamified”, “Gamification”, “Socialification”, “X2B”, .. exercising a strategy that includes a focus on engagement in the process of accomplishing business objectives will help achieve higher levels of success.  The use of badges, achievements, awards, and leaderboards in Social Business Gamification help unlock deeper meaning in the secret levels of collective intelligence and the “genetic” structure of groups (MIT).  This is where we will discover the hidden treasure of exponential value, as Social Enterprise moves closer to reality(IBM).

The basic concepts of Social Business Gamification have been demonstrated by people all around the world.  Software developers can integrate game mechanics into existing software with this Open-Source Gamification Platform (UserInfuser).  Its a good idea to get in touch with others to gain insight to how the principals of game theory and the application of game mechanics can be applied to your specific needs.  I hope others share more information here, but some of these people include: Seriosity, BunchBall, Gamify, Badgeville, Rypple, …

The information and support available today greatly reduces the risk in capturing the rewards of Social Business Gamification.  Learn more here “Beyond Gamification: 7 Core Concepts to Create Compelling Products“.

7 ways games reward the brain

Games and Human Behavior

We’re bringing gameplay into more aspects of our lives, spending countless hours — and real money — exploring virtual worlds for imaginary treasures. Why? As Tom Chatfield shows, games are perfectly tuned to dole out rewards that engage the brain and keep us questing for more.  Watch this video about trends in gameplay.

See more about game mechanics and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs