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Twitter, Social Media, & Hashtags For Events, Meetings, Presentations, & Bloggers

How to use Twitter and other Social Media Tools to engage your audience The World Wide Web is connecting people and things faster than ever.  The use Twitter, Blogs, Social Media, Mobile Media has become part of main stream culture.  … Continue reading

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Use These Simple Tips to Improve Communications and Connect In Our Social Media Space

What Does An Advertising Book Have To Do With Social Media? Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples is packed full of tested communication methods that work.  You might think that it is a little unusual talk about an advertising book … Continue reading

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Do You Make These Common Mistakes In Your Social Media Posts? Learn How To Avoid Them And Connect.

Happy Fav Five Friday! The Experience Have you ever found yourself in a check-out line reading those paper and magazine covers? I try to fight the magnetic attraction of these short phrases, but how can I resist headlines like these: … Continue reading

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Social Media’s Social Strategy. People putting “Social” into Social-Media!

Happy Fav Five Friday! Masters of Social Media are putting “Social” into Media while personalities shine! I am writing this because I realize that sometimes I forget basic social graces when communicating in the social media world.  A few days … Continue reading

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