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Open Social by Google: Instant Community for WordPress Blogs & Other Web Media

Fav Five Friday: Instant Community with OpenSocial by Google

Happy Fav Five Friday!

Instant Communities for WordPress Blogs & other Web Media with Google’s Open Social

Hello! Seems like my “Web Developer” side is breaking out today. I have a few things about the Collective Intelligence from Social Media and how important this is in Enterprise 2.0. I may need to save some of that for another post, because my “Web Strategy” side was a bit suppressed when I re-discovered the power of OpenSocial by Google.

Harness The Power of Your Social Media Network with the Magic of Google’s OpenSocial!

Do you think SOCIAL Media should be SOCIAL?

Do you have the me, me, me mentality? If you have the me, me, me mentality then stop wasting your time here and go broadcast something about yourself.

Are you interested in creating relationships while creating solutions?
Are you interested in discovering the “Social” side of Social Media?
Are you willing to help people discover connections without hours of code because you also enjoy things in The Real World (ITRW)?

Taking Advantage of Google’s OpenSocial

Web Space is rather large and sometimes there is just too much “Digital Noise” to filter through just to get to what you want. The web is more useful & fun when you can connect with your friends and colleagues. We use social media tools and applications to improve our lifestyle, which leads us to the need of a common API that connects us to our social circles. OpenSocial is a prime example of a common API that does harness the power of your social network. This API uses standard JavaScript and HTML to easily connect “Social” to “Media”.

Fav Five Quick Video Tutorials about OpenSocial

What are your favorite Social Media Tools?

What are your favorite Social Media Applications?