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Dr.Michael Wu, Ph.D. shares some thoughts about Enterprise Gamification

Social Business Strategy Dr.Michael Wu (@mich8elwu) has written a series of articles on how to leverage the concepts of game theory and ideas about implementing game mechanics to support a dynamic social business strategy.  He has included some very interesting … Continue reading

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The Enterprise 2.0 Strategy of Gamification

Improving Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Through Gamification A Gamification Strategy will Continue to Support Perpetual User Engagement The Gamification Summit 2011 created a bit of buzz in Enterprise 2.0 circles this week.  This buzz included this great article Trends: 5 Engagement … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2.0 Chickens or Eggs

E 2.0: What Comes First, The Chicken or The Egg? It’s About Sustainability I have been in Africa for several days and have learned more about Culture, Relationships, and Resources.  Our Mission Team from America has been working with local … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Patterns: Collective Intelligence

Enterprise 2.0 and Collective Intelligence Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Patterns In a previous article “Game Theory for Enterprise 2.0 Adoption” we took a look at some simple ideas for improving the intelligence of profiles in Enterprise 2.0 platforms.  There we looked … Continue reading

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