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Two Twitters? Can Someone Explain This?

Twitter Tweets During Jon and Kate Plus 8

Verizon Fios Twitter Widget Displays Tweets on TV During Shows


This is a picture of my TV with the Fios Twitter Widget on during Jon and Kate plus 8.

Notice the Tweets on the right.  I assume the names to the right of the profile images are twitter account names.

The idea of Twitter on Your TV

“will be able to see tweets from the entire Twitter community based on either a category or topic they’ve selected or based upon what they’re currently watching on TV” Read the full story.


The first Twitter account in the picture above looks like @Lizzar

Here is a screen shot from @Lizzar



The second Twitter account in the picture above looks like @natura

Here is a screen shot from @natura



The third Twitter account in the picture above looks like @shelle

Here is a screen shot from @shelle


Why are these Twitter Accounts so different?

Is there more than one Twitter?

Are the Verizon Fios Twitter Widget Tweets Fake?

Maybe the widget tweets are just a “proof of concept”.

I am kind of slow at understanding some things.  Can you explain?

DIY Twitter Host Your Own Twitter Clone Micro Blogging Service

Twitter Clone Code & Services For Your Site

Happy Fav Five Friday!

Do you love twitter, yammer, & other microblogging services?  Would you like to expand your communication channels?  I believe we need to communicate with people where they are and twitter is a very good place to build relationships with people.  You and your team may not always have access to public services like twitter or yammer.  You may be thinking about adding a micro-blogging service to your Enterprise 2.0 platform.  There are several twitter clones across the internet.  I believe most of these clones were created because of the huge success of Twitter.  I love twitter and their API has allowed many creative people to create some amazing applications for twitter to use on your desktop, iPhone, & other devices.

Open Source twitter-clone and microblogging platform in ASP.Net

Yonkly Open Source twitter-clone

Yonkly Open Source twitter-clone and microblogging platform developed on the mvc framework.

Get the code

Open Source twitter-clone and microblogging platform

twitter-clone PHP

Laconica (pronounced “luh-KAWN-ih-kuh”) is a Free and Open Source microblogging platform. It helps people in a community, company or group to exchange short (140 character) messages over the Web. Users can choose which people to “follow” and receive only their friends’ or colleagues’ status messages. It provides a similar service to sites like Twitter, Jaiku, and Plurk.

Get the code | See it in action

Open Source twitter-clone and microblogging platform in Ruby

twitter-clone Ruby

The design goals for Chirp-Chirp are very simple. They built a reasonably feature complete Twitter clone in the simplest way possible. The code is minimal and easily understood. The user interface is usable without additional extensive instructions.  You should really take a look at this one for all the very detailed comments about the code and the approach to the architecture is very impressive. Check the link for a huge list of twitter clones.  There is a lot to learn here! Impressive approach!

Get the code

Buy twitter-clone and microblogging platform in PHP

twitter-clone PHP buy

Starting your own site like twitter has never been so simple. Revou is a revolutionary PHP driven social network software that allows you to run your micro blogging site just like Twitter & Jaiku. Revou is fully customizable and feature pack including SMS integration, custom API and more!

Get the code

Twitter-like Theme For WordPress

twitter-like wordpress theme

P2 is the perfect theme to use when you’re collaborating with remote teams and far-flung friends. It’s also a great tool for school projects, as a class or as a group.

Get the WordPress Theme | Read full review

Bonus: Motion by Movable Type

Movable Type Motion

From Twitter to FaceBook, you’re already using social media to build relationships with customers online. But those services don’t give you total control over your brand. Now Motion gives you a way to manage your message across all of these social networks, while still empowering your community to be part of the conversation.

Get Movable Type Motion

  • I would love to hear your thoughts about Twitter.
  • Add your twitter / micro-blogging clone resources.
  • What do you think about using micro-blogging in your Enterprise 2.0 Solutions?

Twittertainment for my Tweeps at Twitter

Twitter: Fav Five Friday

Happy Friday! Twitter is my new addiction and I find this tool very helpful, it helps me connect with friends and find new friends. I have found that Twitter is also very helpful as a business tool.

Take it for a spin at

Top Five Twitter Strategy Videos

Top Five Twitter Strategy Books


Happy Tweets!

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