The Social Business of Enterprise Gamification

Social Business Gamification

Unlocking New Levels of Innovation through Collaboration

Enterprise Gamification is the use of game dynamics within organizations to support a collaborative culture that aligns with business objectives.  This creates an agile social business model that can increase chances of success in current competitive markets and future markets.  Applying Enterprise Gamification and implementing game mechanics in enterprise 2.0 platforms plays a very important role in it’s event-driven architecture for capturing the REAL value of enterprise 2.o solutions.  This REAL value is realized by lowering barriers of participation and showing the relationships of people, ideas, and things.  Implementing enterprise gamification strategy should be a part of the complete social business strategy.  Learn more at “The Secret Social Science Sauce of Gamification“.

Demystifying Enterprise Gamification for Business

Gamification describes a series of design principles, processes and systems used to influence, engage and motivate individuals, groups and communities to drive behaviors and effect desired outcomes. Originating from the video game industry, many of these pioneering concepts now play a key role in driving incentive and behavior management for both brands in the consumer world and internal scenarios in the workplace. Enterprise gamification is a user experience (UX) and consumerization of IT (CoIT) trend that will take the market by storm in 2012. Constellation believes that by 2013, more than 50 percent of all social business initiatives will include an enterprise gamification component. Learn more at “Research Summary: Demystifying Enterprise Gamification For Business

Ray Wang @rwang0 of Constellation Research Inc. shares his thoughts about the value of Social Business Gamification in this video from the IBM Connect event.

It’s great to see Ray’s work on gamification over the course of time, all bundled up into a great presentation!  He makes a good point about how Enterprise Gamification is about engaging and influencing behaviors to drive outcomes that support business objectives.  He also includes some gold nuggets about points and virtual currency, along with how Business Models are changing.  The part about the impact of applying game mechanics to Human Resources (32minute mark in this video) is priceless.

Watch live streaming video from ibmsoftware at

Demystifying Enterprise Gamification – Presented by Badgeville

Constellation Research, Inc. believes that by 2013, more than 50 percent of all social business initiatives will include an enterprise gamification component. Brands and enterprises know that motivation and incentive programs can help produce revenue and productivity gains among internal users and external communities. These business leaders also know it can be time-consuming and difficult to streamline, manage and implement such programs. Join Constellation Research, Inc. CEO, R “Ray” Wang @rwang0 and Badgeville @badgeville for an exploration on how organizations can leverage game mechanics to turbo charge engagement, loyalty, and profitability.  Register for this free webinar today.

About Daniel Hudson

Mr. Hudson is an emerging technologies consultant working in the Washington DC area. He has over 10 years experience at leveraging and integrating technologies in new ways to help people and organizations meet their objectives and achieve their goals.
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  1. Luke Winter says:


    Gamification sure has been one of the big buzzwords of the past couple of years, and it’s great to see the practical applications of it entering product development lifecycles with features like ideas voting within software. No doubt the move toward serious gaming still has a lot of implications for business yet to flourish over the years to come in such a fast moving space!

    Luke Winter
    Community Manager

  2. Master gamification with experts. Watch GSummit 2012 videos on

    “Successful gamification strategy: Emotions, not badges!”

    It was amazing to see the amount of interest from Enterprise Solutions, like SalesForce, in this years Gamification Summit. There are so may videos related to this article from the conference. Maybe some inspiration to write more.

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