Collection of Social Business Predictions & Tech Trends for 2012

The Future of Social Business & Enterprise 2.0

Many Things in Motion

The Collective Intelligence of Social Business

We are about to embark on an innovative journey that will transform the workforce.  This new innovation age will blur the lines of work and play.  Integrating internal and external Social Media into Enterprise workflows to support collaborative business intelligence will become more of a priority.  The future of Social Business will empower the workforce, partners, and customers in the process of co-creation that will drive new levels of innovation across multiple markets.  These new business models will begin to harness the power of Collective Intelligence as the Enterprise explores collaboration beyond it’s main silo, the firewall.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

The State of Social Business

Jeremiah Owyang’s “State of Social Business” presentation at LeWeb2011 covers why it is important to have a Social Business Strategy in this video.

Social Business Predictions & Trends for 2012

This year will set the stage for the decade of”radical innovation”.  Everyone may not have flying cars in 2022, but business models as we know them today will seem like ancient cave etchings.  There were several interesting predictions and trends in our Collection of Enterprise 2.0 Predictions & Tech Trends for 2011.  This will be the year of the Social Scientist and Data Artist.

  • Cloud Computing: Implementing cloud computing in the Enterprise and Government will be a prime focus.  This effort will start to mature beyond private virtual clouds and Software as a Service (SaaS) to include Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and exploring Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).
  • Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA): web-oriented architecture extends service-oriented architecture (SOA).  It’s RESTful methods will help support cloud computing across multiple environments and devices.
  • Gamification: This is not angry birds in the workplace, but the use of Game Design Thinking for supporting collaboration and innovation.  Social Scientists will help organizations put an emphasis on psychology over technology to help others achieve the state of flow in business processes.
  • Mobile: Organizations will make real investments into supporting mobile technologies. Tablets and Smart Phones are slowly replacing the standard computers in the workforce.  The use of web-based apps and widgets on mobile devices will become more standard.
  • Big Data: Context will become the new king as organizations leverage internal and external data sources and social networks for business intelligence.
  • Enterprise App Stores & Business Intelligence Dashboards: Understanding information at the speed of business will help ensure success.  Visualizing business intelligence will move from IT departments to business departments.  Technologies like JackBe’s Presto Platform empower business leaders with the ability to “assemble” apps like lego blocks to support business decisions.
  • Identity Management:  Yes, the silos are crumbling and this includes corporate firewalls.  Supporting collaboration and secure communication across multiple environments and devices will have thought leaders thinking beyond firewalls and the use of Secure Socket Layers (SSL).  This shift from “need to know” to “need to share” will drive the use of intelligent point-to-point controls.  Attribute-Based Access Controls (ABAC) and Policy-Based Access Controls with eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) will be considered as alternatives to Role-Based Controls.  Additional thoughts about Identity Entitlement and Access Management (IdEA) are available at Jericho Forum.

Social Business Thought Leaders on Twitter

This Social Business Thought Leader twitter game board represents people focused on sharing ideas about Social Business Strategy.  Connect with more social business thought leaders on this twitter list: Social Business Strategy Leaders.

Bio: Provocateur, enterprise & disruptive technologist. Biz strategist ,vendor selection,s/ware contracts expert. Constellation Research CEO & Analyst. Club DJ.
Bio: How can we use information technology & what we know about human behavior to empower knowledge workers to work smarter together? e20, SocBiz, KM, ECM, Collab
Bio: Internationally recognized business strategist, enterprise architect, keynote speaker, author, blogger, & consultant on Social Business and Next-Gen Enterprises
Bio: Connector of ideas and people. Fascinated by social dynamics. Principal at @TheCR - The Community Roundtable w @jimstorer and mom to a great toddler.
Bio: Futurist/ Entrepreneur/ Keynote Speaker/ Author and contributor to global brain. A visual slice of my neural activity:
Bio: An ounce of perception - a pound of obscure. Love the edgy dichotomy between risk taking and risk aversion. Collaboration Hornet's nest poker:E20,SCRM,BPM
Bio: Entrepreneur, Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM, Social Business, Europe 2.0, Gov 2.0, New Economic World Order effect in Web 2.0
Bio: Entrepreneur, Founding Partner @Sopima. SaaS, Cloud, Contract Management, E2.0/Social business, ITSM, Innovation, Sustainability, Design, Books. OH-LCH.
Bio: Social Business consultant, strategist and blogger focused on the European market

A Collection of Social Business Predictions & Tech Trends

Update 01/01/2012

Social Intranets in Social Business

Collective intelligence structures that harness network effects improve as more people use them.  Learn more from “Social Intranets in Social Business” by Lee Bryant.

This new innovation age in Social Business will remind us of the Industrial Age, but instead of mining for precious gems of gold and silver, we will be mining for precious gems of knowledge.  Instead of factories that pollute our environment will have idea factories that improve our environments.

About Daniel Hudson

Mr. Hudson is an emerging technologies consultant working in the Washington DC area. He has over 10 years experience at leveraging and integrating technologies in new ways to help people and organizations meet their objectives and achieve their goals.
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  7. Ana says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I found your site looking for “mind control”.
    I’m still having problems to believe in the subliminal messages that thee videos are showing.
    I know that subliminal messages are possible but some examples sounds a little too much.
    Does it affect every state of mind or only when you are “hypnotized” by the TV in a alpha state of mind?
    What about ages? What if the person is a graphic designer or works with any kind or visual arts and looks at images always searching for something new?

    Dunno. Lot’s of questions.

    I like your site. Lots of good information.
    Thank you.

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