Purpose Driven Social Business

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The Power of Organizational Purpose

Accelerating Innovation with Engaged Employees

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Organizations that harness the power of “Social Business” with engaged employees driven to add value to their market will increase their levels of success moving into the future.

During one of OpenText’s Exploring Organizational Purpose events, I had an opportunity to talk with Scott from OpenText about real innovation in the Enterprise.  I don’t have the authorization to write about all of his amazing thoughts, however, I can summarize it in one word.  The single word that summarizes real innovation in the Enterprise is, “Connected“.

Breakfast with Michael Edson

Michael Edson ( @mpedson ) gave an entertaining and intelligent presentation at the Exploring Organizational Purpose #purposeBiz event in Washington, DC.  Michael is a living example of “passion with purpose”.  He shared his ideas about the “power of now” and how to fan the flames of passion in organizations to fuel real innovation.

His presentation along with additional text and links is available here.

Michael also shared additional thoughts about “Crowd Accelerated Innovation” and Openess here.

Marisa Peacock (@marisacp51) wrote about this event in her article, “Going Boldly Into the Present with Michael Edson“.

Breakfast with John Seely Brown

John Seely Brown ( @jseelybrown ) is Co-Director of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge. His research and insight into how we as a society are learning to live in an age of constant flux is masterfully structured and presented. [more]

I am a huge fan of John Seely Brown’s work and believe you will discover many tips and ideas you can apply to your organization in this video, “Collaborative Innovation by John Seely Brown“.

The hotel where this event was hosted had internet issues, but John’s video should be available soon. In the meantime you can see John sharing how tech is changing education and society in this video.

Breakfast with Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee ( @amcafee ) coined the Term Enterprise 2.0 five years ago. Since then, he has researched, written and reported widely on the capacity of individuals and teams, the types of problems collaboration can solve.  This event scheduled for November 1, 2011 will sell out fast, so RSVP now.

What If?

These events sponsored by OpenText show us the future of Social Business.  Organizations that seek to deeply engage with their community will emerge as leaders in their field.

What if every organization offered events where people can connect and share ideas?

This could unlock real innovation to solve problems in our everyday lives.

Current Social Business Innovation Twitter Game Board

Diversity fuels innovation. Sports fanatics have their fantasy football teams. This is my fantasy innovation team. This Social Business Innovation twitter game board represents people focused on Innovation in Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business now.

[twitterusers @mpedson @deb_lavoy @jseelybrown @mixtmedia @amcafee @bhc3 @lovisatalk @jimworth @dhinchcliffe]

2 thoughts on “Purpose Driven Social Business”

  1. Dan – I’m really glad that this series is resonating with you. And I’m so thrilled to be part of your Enterprise 2.0 dream team. The person you spoke to at the Edson event is Scott Bowen – who was the Executive team member at OpenText who funded this speaker series. He’s a forward thinking executive who understands the meaning of cloud and connectedness. Thanks for this writeup. The new webpage with all the video is going up today (I hope!).
    – Deb

    1. Deb, Thanks taking the time to read this article and writing your thoughtful comment!

      I consider it a privilege to know people that are fueled by “Purpose Driven Passion”, like you. OpenText’s speaker series events are beyond impressive! I hope other organizations follow OpenText’s lead and offer these type of events to their communities. I appreciate having the opportunity to re-connect with old friends along with making new purpose passion fueled friends. I am looking forward to your next event and encourage people to RSVP early for these high class events.

      I’m glad Scott Bowen also has the vision to see the value of these type of events and invest into the extended community. I hope we have the opportunity to see him deliver a keynote on Social Business / Enterprise 2.0 in the near future.

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