Pigs & Lipstick in Enterprise Gamification is Not a Social Business Strategy

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Enterprise 2.0 Conference: Building Social Business

Enterprise 2.0 Conference
Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Social Business Conference – Boston 2011

Learn about the latest collaboration innovations in the Enterprise 2.0 Conference program and how to leverage these technologies to support a variety of critical functions—including HR, People & Performance, Sales, Customer Support and Product Development—to increase productivity, improve collaboration and drive revenue.  Connect with these Amazing Enterprise 2.0 Thought Leaders. See the Top 10 Reasons to Attend Enterprise 2.0 Boston.

The Enterprise 2.0 Community

Destroying Creative Poverty

I respect the Enterprise 2.0 Community. The whole community is doing a remarkable job fulfilling it’s moral and ethical responsibilities to support the next generation workforce. Many organizations are realizing benefits now, but this long-term investment is about to unleash an innovation storm that will destroy creative poverty.

The shift from “Brainstorming” to “Painstorming” fueling “Motivation Design” harnesses the synergy required for new levels of innovation crafted in co-creation that addresses real needs in Business Models today.

Enterprise 2.0 Solutions that require a manual and relentless campaigns to drive adoption are examples of Enterprise 1.0 with an Enterprise 2.0 label. This is similar to people thinking they can support gamification, and try to gamify their system by adding badges that have no value. Smart Enterprise Gamification provides the addictive properties that accelerate people through the workflow in a seamless manner. Meaningful rewards, badges, leaderboards are key components in a gamified system created for engaging collaboration. The real value of Gamification is realized when the deeper engagement achieved, endures beyond the system. A Real Enterprise Solution Res ipsa loquitur (speaks for itself).

Get on the Fast Track to Social Business Success, join today’s thought leaders at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference.  It is difficult to choose a favorite session or presenter, but one person does stand out.  I would make a point of talking with Deb Lavoy ( @deb_lavoy ) of OpenText ( @opentext ).  She “gets it!” A 15 minute conversation with her can save you years of frustration and aggravation.  Attended her Enterprise 2.0 Conference keynote and discover what the future holds.  Expect to be amazed by the OpenText announcements.

The Social Business of Enterprise Gamification

Unlocking New Levels of Innovation through Collaboration

Enterprise Gamification is the use of game dynamics within organizations to support a collaborative culture that aligns with business objectives.  This creates an agile social business model that can increase chances of success in current competitive markets and future markets.  Applying Enterprise Gamification and implementing game mechanics in enterprise 2.0 platforms plays a very important role in it’s event-driven architecture for capturing the REAL value of enterprise 2.o solutions.  This REAL value is realized by lowering barriers of participation and showing the relationships of people, ideas, and things.  Implementing enterprise gamification strategy should be a part of the complete social business strategy. Gamification for Business, Brands, and Loyalty is surfacing new Participation Patterns in Enterprise 3.0. Paharia believes that gamification will move beyond consumer markets into the enterprise, as companies gamify their processes to get employees more engaged. Paharia said there are a number of such enterprise projects already underway at Bunchball.  The Dynamic Game Engine from Badgeville is a giant leap in Gamification Innovation for Social Business.  New Social Businesses can achieve greater levels of success faster when gamification is incorporated into the Business Model Strategy.

Unlocking the Real Truth of Social Business

JP Rangaswami ( @jobsworth ), chief scientist of salesforce.com, discusses the future of gaming in the enterprise in this video.  Social gaming is incredibility popular in mainstream society.  This popularity has thought leaders busy discovering new ways Social Gaming can drive innovation in the Enterprise.  How will game dynamics accelerate workflows?  What about the value of badges, ratings, and leaderboards in collaboration platforms?  See what others are saying about JP Rangaswami’s thought provoking presentation.


Current Enterprise 2.0 Twitter Game Board

Diversity fuels innovation. Sports fanatics have their fantasy football teams. This is my fantasy innovation team. This current Enterprise 2.0 twitter game board represents people focused on Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business now. You can connect with more creative people by following this Enterprise 2.0 Twitter List http://bit.ly/E20Team.

[twitterusers @jobsworth @deb_lavoy @bhc3 @sameerpatel @jimworth @thinkoutloud @ross @bsandie @mich8elwu]

E 2.0: Enterprise Gamification & the Behavior Engine

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for game mechanics in the Enterprise. Each implementation of Enterprise 2.0 Gamificaction is unique according to the business objectives and desired behaviors. “E 2.0: Enterprise Gamification & the Behavior Engine

The TAME Game of Behavior Gamification in the Enterprise

The Secret Social Science Sauce of Gamification

Most people want to be successful and are willing to contribute to the success of the team.  Understanding and applying these four key principals of gamification can significantly increase the success of all efforts. “The Secret Social Science Sauce of Gamification

  • Trigger: A clear invitation to do the right thing at the right time.
  • Ability: Remove barriers to participation by extending people’s abilities.
  • Motivation: Help others understand what they can achieve.
  • Evolve: Support a continuous feedback loop for growth.

The Gamification of Innovation in the Enterprise

“Gamify”, The Future of the Innovation Process

The Enterprise Strategy of Innovation Gamification in business should be taken seriously by CIOs, IT Managers, and Enterprise Architects. Helping their colleagues, partners, and business associates understand how to leverage the concepts of game dynamics should be a defined goal in their Enterprise 2.0 Strategy Plans. “The Gamification of Innovation in the Enterprise“.

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