Government 2.0: Opening Doors For Citizen Engagement

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Open Government: Listening and Learning Together

GovGirl on Government 2.0

Kristy Fifelski walks viewers through what’s hot in online government.  She covers #gov20la and #QRCode in this video.

Gov 2.0 L.A. 2011 #gov20la

It’s not about us and them, it’s about “We The People“.  Government 2.0 is about improving efficiencies across Government Agencies and empowering Citizens.  The Open Government movement includes local government, federal government, and multiple government agencies around the world.  Citizen Engagement is a key goal of Government 2.0.  People continue to gather in local neighborhoods and around the world to work together on ideas for improving Government and Citizen engagement.  I met Alan Silberberg, founder of Gov20LA a few years ago at one of the very first Gov 2.0 Camps in Washington, DC.  He recently hosted another gov 2.0 LA event and he shared his thoughts about the event in this article “Listening and Learning: Takeaways From Gov20LA 2011“.  Alan did a great job current and future state of Government 2.0, but this quote really stands out, “The explosion of open data is creating new pathways for entrepreneurs to attack centuries old problems“.

UPDATE: Feb. 21, 2011

Lovisa Williams wrote a great article about the Gov 2.0 LA event here.

Gov 2.0 LA: Digital Diplomacy, Blogging Ambassadors, Mobile and More at the Beach – Last weekend, I participated in the second annual Gov 2.0 LA event held in Santa Monica, CA.  This year’s event happened literally on the beach at the Annenberg Community Beach House. This is the second year I have helped Alan W. Silberberg plan the event.  Both years have been great for very… more

Voices from Gov2.0 LA: Lovisa Williams

The is a video from last year’s Gov 2.0 LA event, but it still applies today.  Lovisa Williams, @lovisatalk talks about the collaborative path forward for Government 2.0 in this video.

Innovation in Government Survey

Lovisa has a new survey available about Social Media and Government 2.0.  People can take a few minutes to fill out this survey and see the current results here “Innovation in Your Agency“.

Cities, Code, and Civics: “Enhanced serendipity”

Max Ogden of Code for America discusses taking “treasure troves” of government datasets to bring citizens and friends together in this MIT Tech TV video.

Government Data Stores Available is leading the way in democratizing public sector data and driving innovation. The data is being surfaced from many locations making the Government data stores available to researchers to perform their own analysis. Developers are finding good uses for the datasets, providing interesting and useful applications that allow for new views and public analysis. This is a work in progress, but this movement is spreading to cities, states, and other countries. After just one year a community is born around open government data.  Learn more here.

Gov 2.0 Summit

An enormous collection of great Government 2.0 videos and presentations are available from the Gov 2.0 Summit and Gov 2.0 ExpoO’Reilly Media does a fantastic job at organizing these events and sharing information for moving forward.  I recommend attending their events and connecting with others to help navigate the path to the future of Government as a Platform.

Gov 2.0 Summit brings together innovators from government and the private sector to highlight technology and ideas that can be applied to the nation’s great challenges. In areas as diverse as education, health care, energy, jobs, and financial reform, there are unique opportunities to rethink how government agencies perform their mission and serve our citizens. Social media, cloud computing, web, and mobile technologies—all provide new capabilities that government agencies are beginning to harness to achieve demonstrably better results at lower cost.  Learn more here.

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5 Favorite Places

  1. How Open Data Initiatives Can Improve City Life – Major city governments across North America are looking for ways to share civic data — which normally resides behind secure firewalls — with private developers who can… more
  2. Open Source and Open Government Take the Stage at the State Department – Open source technology and collaborative models will matter in media, mapping, education, smarter cities, national security, disaster response and much more in 2011 and beyond. The success of open source in… more
  3. Government 2.0 Revisited – Government 2.0 is not only a hot topic at the moment, it is an important one. I believe that the use of social media applications is at a tipping point, moving from early innovators toward broader acceptance among government professionals… more
  4. Government Social Media: Five Questions for 2011 – The Federal government has made a good deal of progress toward being more transparent, collaborative, and participatory during the two years since President Obama took office. However, despite great strides, government… more
  5. Government 2.0: Let’s get on with it! – What a promise, what an opportunity.  Using social networking, modern tools, more effective delivery capabilities in order to… more

UPDATE: Feb. 21, 2011

Civic developers code for America on Presidents’ Day in DC – This Presidents’ Day, the day before George Washington’s Birthday, dozens of government technologists, data nerds, civic hackers and citizens from around the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland will join Code for America fellows for a datacamp at Big Window Labs… more.

Connect and Collaborate with others supporting this event by following this hash tag on Twitter: #DataCamp

Gov 2.0 Strategy & Trends

Connecting with others is a key part of a solid Government 2.0 Strategy.  There are plenty of people sharing their lessons learned, tips, and insights about Open Government.  Some of these very helpful people include: @IdeaGov, @lovisatalk, @BevUSA, @digiphile, @cheeky_geeky, and these Gov 2.0 Communities govloop and govtwit.  People can easily keep up with Gov 2.0 Strategy & Trends in this Government 2.0 Twitter List.

Google Apps lets you focus on your agency’s mission – not complex IT. Reliable web-based tools, certified by the U.S. government.  Learn more here.

Dedicate resources to your mission – not to IT infrastructure. Government agencies around the world use Google’s enterprise solutions — Google Apps, Google Earth & Maps, or the Google Search Appliance. Google helps take the hassle out of managing IT solutions, letting you focus resources on your core mission.  Learn more here.

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