Social Business Gets Sexy in Enterprise 2.0

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Enterprise 2.0 & the Sexy Side of Integration with SOA

The Social Business Strategy of Enterprise 2.0

Successful Enterprise 2.0 is all about integration.  This integration goes beyond using technology to connect data & systems.  Enterprise 2.0 integration includes a Social Business Strategy.  Some of these strategic integration points include:

  • Integrating Culture
  • Integrating Partners, Customers, & Vendors
  • Integrating Interactive Design Principals
  • Integrating The Dispersed Workforce
  • Integrating Support for Multiple Needs & Devices

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) supports using technology to loosely couple systems and social business integration.  Some great guiding principals for Enterprise 2.0 Strategy are defined in the SOA Manifesto.  The SOA Manifesto priorities include:

  • Business value over technical strategy
  • Strategic goals over project-specific benefits
  • Intrinsic interoperability over custom integration
  • Shared services over specific-purpose implementations
  • Flexibility over optimization
  • Evolutionary refinement over pursuit of initial perfection

Great principals for supporting a solid Enterprise 2.0 Strategy can be found in the Guiding Principles section of the SOA Manifesto.

Sexy Enterprise 2.0?

“Enterprise 2.0 Solutions will become very sleek and sexy.” is a statement from this article: Collection of Enterprise 2.0 Predictions & Tech Trends for 2011.

Employers and employees are already seeing the sexy side of Social Business in Enterprise 2.0 with the release of tibbr for the Enterprise.  TIBCO tibbr supports context integration to give people and data more meaning.  The functionality broken down into the simple form allows people to follow people and data.  There is also integration support for Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Networks.  Dennis Howlett wrote a great article about TIBCO tibbr that includes this excerpt “.. it is further eroding the boundaries between siloed operations ..”  You can read his full article here.

What is TIBCO tibbr?

TIBCO tibbr is the first social computing tool specifically built for the workplace that allows the right information to find you.

Unlike social networking applications that focus on the concept of “following people,” tibbr is the first to take an entirely new approach to social computing by allowing you to follow subjects, applications, and social event streams. Learn more here.


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Enterprise 2.0 Social Business Collaboration

Call it “Enterprise 2.0” or “Social Business“, it’s all about building relationships and fostering collaboration.  These conversations around Business Strategy and Social Enterprise reminds me of this presentation “Enterprise 2.0 – Efficient Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange“.