Collection of Enterprise 2.0 Predictions & Tech Trends for 2011

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The Future of Enterprise 2.0, Business Intelligence, & Tech

Trends and Predictions for 2011, The Collection


Embracing & Celebrating Enterprise 2.0 in 2010

One of the big Enterprise 2.0 events in 2010 was the Enterprise 2.0 Summit that helped people discover the path to an open and agile enterprise.  You can review presentations and videos from the Enterprise 2.0 Summit here.  The other big Enterprise 2.0 event was the Enterprise 2.0 Conference that helped people bring the power of collaboration to their organization.  You can review the keynote videos here.  Jim Worth and friends also did an incredible job of collecting resources from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, SlideShare, Blogs, and Sites that are shared together in these places: E20 Summit Frankfurt Social Web Coverage October 2010 and Enterprise 20 Santa Clara Social Web Coverage Nov 2010.

Where would we be without the Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist? Claire Flanagan wrote a great article about Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist in Internal Evangelist of the Year 2010 Congratulations to Luis Suarez at IBM!

Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2010:’s Chatter, Google Apps, iOS, JackBe’s Presto Platform, Jive, Yammer, & Drupal are a few of the 2010 award winners that are making a difference in the Enterprise.  You can see this complete list here.

Government Agencies and Executives are making a difference in Government with an Enterprise 2.0 Strategy.  The “10 agency teams deliver 21st century projects” 2010 award winners are recognized in this Government Computer News article here.

Enterprise 2.0 Predictions & Trends for 2011

Gartner’s Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes method shows us some of the leaders in the Internal Social Software Market.   You can see a review of the trends and leaders in this article “Magic Quadrant 2010 for Internal Social Software“.

  • Mobile Adoption in the Enterprise: The adoption of smart phones and other devices will continue to increase as the workforce becomes more mobile and security improves.
  • The Rise of APIs: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will gain favor in the Enterprise as more organizations realize this is the rocket fuel that supplied the explosive growth of Social Networks across the internet.  A deeper appreciation of APIs will also be discovered when integrating data from various sources across multiple devices becomes more important.
  • Enterprise App Stores: Empowering users, lowering the price of development & cutting the cost of technology maintenance will be strong contributing factors to supporting Enterprise App Stores.
  • Cloud Computing: The seductive way Cloud Computing lowers IT cost in the Enterprise will attract more attention to improving security in the cloud, which will help increase adoption.
  • User Experience: Nobody wants to touch or use anything icky.  2011 will be known as the year of Personal Experience, as stakeholders and developers get back to the basics as they remember that they are creating solutions for people.  Enterprise 2.0 Solutions will become very sleek and sexy.
  • Game Mechanics: Professional game developers have a deep understanding of human behavior.  They spend a great amount of attention in understanding their target audience.  We will see more of these techniques used in Enterprise 2.0 Platforms that will dramatically increase adoption.
  • Analytics: Monitoring how people behave on Enterprise 2.0 Platforms will help provide solution providers the information they need to help improve the “User Experience”.
  • Custom Dashboards: Empowering users and groups with the ability to customize the environment to fit their needs will contribute to adoption and increase productivity.
  • Social Media: Crowdsourcing within internal and external groups and networks will contribute heavily to real innovation.  Integrating backward and forward social media channels will support relationships between organizations, vendors, clients, and customers.
  • Collective Intelligence: The path to “Predictive Markets” will become more clear as we see more sophisticated algorithms incorporated into Enterprise Platforms to support deeper meaning of information and activity.

A Collection of Enterprise 2.0 Predictions & Tech Trends

Update: December 21, 2010

Update: December 23, 2010

A Great Presentation About Enterprise 2.0 Strategy

One of my favorite people in Enterprise 2.0, Mark Fidelman put together a great Enterprise 2.0 presentation that sums up this decade and conveys the motivation for moving forward with collaboration and crowdsourcing.  What if Peter Drucker Taught Enterprise 2.0 Strategy?

What do you see in the future of Enterprise 2.0?

The workfoce of the future looks very interesting.  You can see some of the success factors of Enterprise 2.0 in this article ” Top 10 Success Factors for Enterprise Social and Collaboration Projects“.  Whar are your thoughts about Crowdsoucing, Collaboration, Social Networks, Business Intelligence, & Enterprise 2.0?