Enterprise 2.0, A Culture Focused Strategy

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People Oriented Enterprise 2.0

A company must believe in their employees, making them fundamental nodes of their network.  Enterprise 2.0 software must be able to see and orchestrate all needed processes.  Organizations need to cultivate a culture of leaders that value effective knowledge sharing, collaboration, and meritocracy.

Meritocracy in the Enterprise

Meritocracy is a system of government or other organization wherein appointments are made and responsibilities assigned to individuals based upon demonstrated intelligence and ability (merit).  Meritocracy components such as kudos, karma, rating, badges, voting, and ranking are very simple to add into software running on Enterprise 2.0 Platforms.  People like being recognized for their achievements.  Recognizing people for positive activity is a cost effective way to increase adoption of your Enterprise 2.0 Platform.

Enterprise 2.0 Platforms

Enterprise 2.0 Platforms should be Freeform, Frictionless, and Emergent.

  • Freeform: The technology does not in any meaningful way impose, hardwire or make and enforce assumptions about workflows, roles, privileges, content and decision-right allocations.
  • Frictionless: Users perceive it to be easy to participate in the platform, and can do so with very little time or effort
  • Emergent: Mechanisms of online emergence are: linking, tagging, following, etc

Enterprise 2.0 Technology

E 2.0 Platform Technology should be based on Web Oriented Architecture (WOA), extending Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) that leverages Representational State Transfer (REST), supporting Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

This type of structure can support the use of internal/external Integration, Social Components, Mashups, Federated Enterprise App Stores, and Cloud Computing.

Enterprise 2.0. How Iron Man would work..

Fav Five Faces

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Here are amazing people that have connected me to new friends and new ideas this week. You might be familiar with “Fantasy Football Teams” , well this is my “Fantasy Innovation Team” this week. I recommend following these smart, creative people on Twitter.

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