Seven Simple Secrets of Enterprise 2.0 Strategy

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Enterprise 2.0 Strategy for Success

Implementing Enterprise 2.0 in your organization can be very difficult without a clear strategy.  Creating a clear strategy plan can be difficult too, unless you have a few well defined goals. These goals should be simple enough for anyone to understand.

Enterprise 2.0 Vision Statement

The first goal should be creating a simple vision statement for your Enterprise 2.0 Solution.  Your E 2.0 vision statement is a long term view that sums up the benefits of your Enterprise 2.0 Solution.  This should automatically paint a picture in a person’s mind of how they are connected to the mission.  Your vision statement should be short, simple, and exciting.

Enterprise 2.0 Mission Statement

The second goal should be creating a simple mission statement of your Enterprise 2.0 Solution.  This E 2.0 Mission Statement should be short and simple with just a few (non-tech) sentences that defines the fundamental purpose of your Enterprise 2.0 Solution and what it does to achieve it’s vision.  This should not contain any vendor specific information and be simple enough for a child to understand.  You Mission Statement should have some “Zing” and not sound dry and boring.  Your marketing people can help you polish this and make it almost sound like a song.

Seven Simple Secrets of Enterprise 2.0 Strategy

In a previous article, “There is no Enterprise 2.0” I wrote about The Practice of Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Patterns and included these seven simple secrets of Enterprise 2.0 Strategy.  The original article covered several ideas and contained many resources, but I thought sharing this here would be more simple.

  1. Have a plan that maps to business objectives and goals
  2. Your audience is your strategy
  3. Design for interaction
  4. The more problems you solve, the more success you will have
  5. Solutions with Extensibility have more value
  6. Sharable data (APIs/Web Services) creates flexibility
  7. Think Platform of Apps

Why Keep Enterprise 2.0 Strategy Simple?

Business, Culture, and Technology are complex topics.  The full Enterprise 2.0 Implementation process is a very complex topic.  Starting with a small, well definded foundation of your full strategy and plans can help with decision making.  You can look back at these statements when making decisions about next steps.  If the next step does not align with these statements, then move on.  Having a Vision Statement and a Mission Statement for your Enterprise 2.0 Solution are the first steps to Enterprise 2.0 Adoption.

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