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Empowering E 2.0 Users with Enterprise App Stores

It’s exciting to see Enterprise 2.0 becoming more mature.  More Enterprise 2.0 vendors are focusing on standards and adopting Web 2.0 technologies.  This is actually very impressive when you think about Enterprise 2.0 was born in the Spring of 2006.  Andrew McAfee talks about the birth of E 2.0 in this article Enterprise 2.0 vs. SOA.  More Enterprise 2.0 solutions are also taking advantage of AJAX technologies to improve the user experience.  AJAX is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side to create interactive web applications.  We are also starting to see a trend for the use of Cloud Computing in the Enterprise.  Cloud Computing is proving itself as an approach to cutting IT costs while improving innovation.  You can read more about this in Dion Hinchcliffe’s article, “Enterprise cloud computing gathers steam“.  The big news for the Summer of 2010 in the world of Enterprise 2.0, is the release of Presto 3.0.  You can use Presto to empower people in the Enterprise with the ability to mix, match, and mash data into apps powering your own Enterprise App Store.

Power and Freedom through Enterprise Apps

The Presto Platform empowers application developers and power users to create, customize and share Enterprise Apps mashups for faster decisions and better business results. Presto provides a solution for every part of the Enterprise App lifecycle, from Services to Mashups to Apps to the App Store, while also meeting the toughest enterprise security and governance requirements. Equally important, Presto empowers your high-value employees to take advantage of your organization’s information assets – large applications like ERP, CRM, and SFA – and quickly marry them with external data sources such as Web services and news feeds to make better decisions from this disparate information.  [ Learn More ]

Presto Enterprise Apps

The App store model that Apple has proved so successfully with the iPhone is becoming the next frontier when it comes to next-generation software distribution. And it’s one that creates clear value for both customers and companies alike.” ~Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe

Fav Five Faces

Here are just a few new friends that have connected me to new people and new ideas this week.  You might be familiar with “Fantasy Football Teams” and such, well this is my “Fantasy Innovation Team” this week.  I bet we would see some very innovative solutions, if this team worked together.

Who would be on your Fantasy Innovation Team this week?

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Fav Five Places

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