10 Benefits of Government 1.0

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Top 10 Benefits of Government 1.0

  1. Increases cost of engagement
  2. Less engaged citizens have less interest in voting
  3. Less collaboration increases possibility of failure
  4. Traveling to multiple places to review documents is a great is a great way to kill more trees
  5. Working in a shroud of darkness lowers innovative expectations
  6. Lower expectations supports celebrating the status quo
  7. Less automation creates excuses for not addressing public issues
  8. Increases meetings and workload
  9. Increases complexity of knowledge sharing
  10. Less transparency reduces visibility of impact

Please DO NOT read the rest of this, if you enjoy the benefits of Government 1.0.

What Does the Future of Government and Gov 2.0 Look Like?

  • How will Governments engage Citizens?
  • Will Citizens become more proactive with Government Agencies?
  • Will we hear our Government say, “There’s an app for that”?

Does this Look Like the Future of Government 2.0?


Enterprise Apps for Citizens & Government

If you guessed that this looks like the future of Government 2.0, then you live in the future.  These apps have been around for awhile and guess what?  Most of these apps were NOT created by the Government.  These Government Apps were created by citizens that want to help you make a difference.  Apps empower people, decrease complexity, and reduce cost.

Have you ever driven your car into a pothole and thought, “Why has this pothole not been fixed?”.  Well, there’s an app for that.

These apps were created by using Open Government Data, APIs, Web Services, and Web 2.0 Technologies.  You can learn more about these apps at: http://www.programmableweb.com/tag/government/

Apple iPhone Apps for the Enterprise

Apple has already proven the “App Model” works.  You can also see their business apps here.


Government Apps

You may have heard about the iTunes store, but what about the Government Apps Store?

The Government has it’s own App Store.  I’m just wondering what took so long?


What About Enterprise Apps?

Enterprise Apps empower employees, decreases complexity, and reduces cost in Enterprise 2.0 Solutions.  Enterprise Apps have special attributes because they have methods for handling custom data security issues.  These attributes support integration and collaboration, while enforcing security polices.  You can learn more about Enterprise Apps at JackBe. They will also be at the Gov 2.0 Expo.  I recommend talking with them about your custom needs.

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  • Does the Future of Government Sound Intriguing to You?
  • Would You Like to Learn More About Government 2.0?

Join Your Friends and Colleagues From Around the World Attending the Gov 2.0 Expo 2010

This event is absolutely jammed packed valuable sessions, workshops, information, and networking opportunities that will spark your imagination and transform the way things get done.  You can learn more about the Gov 2.0 Expo here.

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10 Hidden Gems Not to Miss at the Gov 2.0 Expo