Web 2.0 Strategy in an Organization

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Enterprise Business Intelligence and Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Strategy in Organizations

Applying the basic concepts of Web 2.0 strategies in your organization along with taking advantage of crowdsourcing (internally and externally) are keys to business intelligence.  Using your intranet and the internet as platforms to create relationships with people and things will allow you to harness collective intelligence to improve business performance.  The fundamental concepts of the internet operating system can be applied to intranets to improve the intelligence Enterprise 2.0 solutions.

State of the Internet Operating System

Tim O’Reilly explains the “State of the Internet Operating System” in this video from the San Francisco, CA Web 2.0 Expo in 2010.  “Inventing for the Future” is the key message behind this video.  I also captured 8 steps for applying a Web 2.0 Strategy in your Organization, as a quick video summary.

8 Steps to Go From Good to Great

Web 2.0 Strategy for Your Organization

    1. Invent for the Future
    2. Don’t take openness for granted
    3. Enable others
    4. Leverage knowledge
    5. Strengthen your data with Social Graph
    6. The Thing Graph matters too
    7. Become useful to others
    8. Create more value than you capture

      “…it takes a web of cooperating species to create a truly rich environment” ~Tim O’Reilly #quote

      In that video, Tim talked about the “Social Graph” and the “Thing Graph”.  You can learn how to start creating your own “Thing Graph” in my previous article “Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Patterns: Collective Intelligence“.  There are some simple steps to review in the section titled, “Improving the Intelligence of Enterprise 2.0 Platforms”.  These simple mods are a quick way to get started, but should be done in the SOA frame of mind.  You can discover some simple steps on how to get started with “Social Graph” in this previous article “Game Theory for Enterprise 2.0 Adoption“.  These are the simple steps to the discovery of “Collective Intelligence”.

      The Real Business Reason for Enterprise 2.0

      Collective Intelligence

      The world is a web of people and things that create the collective intelligence of life.  Understanding these relationships is the fundamental experience while discovering your purpose.  Understanding why these relationships exist is the key to unlocking the door to emergent technologies and prediction markets.  Collective Intelligence is like a gigantic brain that’s created through the collaboration of many.  Systems and Apps for analyzing collective intelligence related to your business is the real reason for Enterprise 2.0.

      Andy McAfee, author and management science guru, weighs in on the importance and value of collective intelligence in the enterprise.

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