E 2.0: Using Mashups to Build An Enterprise App Store

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Web 2.0, Social Media, Mashups, and Rich Internet Apps in the Enterprise

Web 2.0 Strategy in an Organization

Web 2.0 is about two-way communication and collaboration.  We see this Web 2.0 Strategy applied to a degree  in most Enterprise 2.0 Solutions within organizations.  We see this through employees using wikis, blogs, and other Social Networking tools on the Enterprise Platform.  Using these tools to centralize conversations is great, but what if this same group of employees could connect their relevant data together into a visual display?  This could be a “Dashboard” that displays charts, figures, maps, and other data related to a current project.  This could also be something as simple as dynamic map widget on your org chart.  These type of things are already available in the Web 2.0 World.  These type of things can also be available in Enterprise 2.0 Solutions through Mashups.  Here you will find some videos, slides, and other resources on How to use Web 2.0 Strategy in Organizations.

Introduction to Mashups

Learn what mashups are and why they matter with this short animated video.

What Are Mashups?

The Fast Track to Building an Enterprise App Store using Enterprise Mashups with Dion Hinchcliffe

Sure, you know what an ‘App Store’ is. But do you know how it can help your enterprise with strategic objectives like compliance, governance, transparency, profitability, and efficiency? And do you know the quickest way to get your Enterprise App Store going?

This was a great webinar by @JackBe and @dHinchcliffe.  They explained how a Web 2.0 strategy in your organization can lead to greater productivity and higher collective intelligence.  Mashups and Enterprise App Stores empower users and adds exponential value to Enterprise 2.0 Platforms.  I included a few slides from this webinar, but you can get all of slides plus the webinar audio here.

Open Platform vs Closed Platform

It’s no secret that Facebook experienced tremendous adoption when they decided to move towards an open Web 2.0 Strategy.


Empowering Users

Empowering Users with the Ability to Self-Service and Create will free resources and unlock the power of Crowdsourcing in the Enterprise.  This has been a key Web 2.0 Strategy for many organizations in the public web space for a long time.  It’s great to see more people thinking about how to use this strategy inside the Enterprise.


Enterprise Mashups

Seems like a lot of people are excited about using and creating APIs and Mashups in the Enterprise.  You may be thinking, “How do I get started?” Help is available!  JackBe has a friendly staff, active developer community, and PRESTO, An Enterprise-Ready Mashup Solution.  You can let them do the heavy lifting, while you focus on what is important to you now.


From Enterprise Productivity to Collective Intelligence – Web 3.0, Social Media, Mashups, and Rich Internet Apps

Event: Free Webinar May 06, 2010 by Mark White, Principal – Deloitte Consulting LLP

New themes have emerged for enterprise applications, including intuitiveness, interoperability, portability, and aggregation. How are innovative CIOs employing these themes collectively to provide useful and usable solutions to end users? We’ll discuss:

  • Ways social media, information-sharing, and enterprise knowledge management combine to help deliver insight management – palettes and tools for collaborative results.
  • Mashups grown up – delivering a single version of the truth enterprise-wide through correlation, rules engines, visualization, workflow, contextualization, and tagging.
  • Updating the usability of legacy enterprise applications through flexing the front end.

Learn about ways collective intelligence can help organizations achieve more informed decision making and strategy execution.  Register here.