Data Visualization is Key

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Social Media + Time = Information Overload

Our time to review information is shrinking while the available information to review is growing, which leads us to the need for methods that help us understand information faster. Data visualization will play a key role in helping us convey and interact with information in more interesting ways. Adobe Flash Builder is a tool that will help.


Adobe Releases Flash Builder 4 Beta 1 – Including Zend Framework

Adobe has released a beta version of Adobe Flash Builder, the next generation of the popular Flex Builder tool. Zend Framework is now included within Flash Builder, allowing developers to introspect PHP classes and then to use a drag and drop approach to bind specific methods to UI components in applications, such as interactive charts, graphs, datagrids, and more. These new features provide a simplified development approach for adding rich UI to PHP applications using the Flex Framework and Zend Framework. Download Flash Builder 4 Beta 1 today from

Learn more about Flash Builder 4 and Zend Framework integration in an online e-seminar on June 9th. Register for free at:

Zend Framework


I’m excited to see the Zend Framework is included in the new Adobe Flash Builder.  I have been closely following this project.  I believe the Zend Framework plays a key role in Enterprise Level application development.  This framework is

  • Well Documented
  • Simple
  • Safe for the Enterprise
  • Supported by Industry
  • Supported by Development Community
  • Supports Rapid Development
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Extensible
  • Tested Code Base
  • Professional Training Available
  • Certification Possible

Some people may argue that PHP Zend Framework is just an abstraction layer of unwanted, bloated code.  I disagree.  I believe the Zend Framework, with it’s Object Oriented approach is the foundation of Enterprise 2.0 level code.  I recommend at least taking a look .