Can Social Media Cure Cancer Using Tools Like Twitter?

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A few days ago I was listening to President Obama Address to Joint Session of Congress.  He said some amazing things and delivered a vision of hope during these trying times.  I was very interested in one part, “a cure for cancer in our time”.  Did I hear that right?  A CURE FOR CANCER!  Imagine this, how incredible would that be, if this did not sound amazing?  What if we could talk about it like “cancer?, Oh yeah that was a disease that used to kill people.”  Can you imagine talking about cancer like it was an old 8 track tape player?  Children would barely know it even was?  Imagine all the other things the medical community could do after they are free from cancer.

I might be a little sensitive to this topic, because I am a cancer survivor.  I was dianogsed with cancer when I was 17 (more than 25 years ago).  I survived a year of chemotherapy and extensive out patient treatments.  Only by the grace of God, I am here today!  I have seen this terrible disease take the lives of brillant, beautiful people and my prayers go out to their family and friends.  I am willing to do what ever I can to help eliminate cancer.  I believe there are a few other people out there that are willing to make a difference and want to change the world.  Will you help?

Can Social Media Cure Cancer?

Do you remember the “Stand Up” campaign?  It’s still going strong and you can get involved.  This is a great example of how social media is making a difference.  This is an example of combining forces & resources into a synergy that is changing the world.

What Can You Do With Social Media?

Many of our readers here are expecting a fav five list.  I know this because I read my web logs, web analytics is a powerful thing and I recommend you take a peek at my tweets at twitter to learn more about Google Analytics.  Let me know if you would like me to post it here.  Let’s get on to the fav five friday list.  Usually I post 5 things here, but what about 5 things 5 times over?  Yeah, 25 things!

25 Ways Social Media Prepares You During Down Times

My friend Chris Brogan, which I never met, has helped numerous people in the world of social media.  He has a list that will help you with your web strategy and social needs.  There are some good tips on being proactive & making a little cash.  These are simple things you can do with Google, your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media strategies.  There are even some tips about eliminating negitivity.  Check out his list of 25 ways social media prepares you during down times.

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