Escape the DEATH GRIP of Your Email Inbox with Social Media #emailless

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Free yourself from the death grip of your email inboxWould you like to free yourself from the email inbox death grip? #emailless

Do you claim to be a “Social Media” Expert, Guru, Maven, or Social Scientist?

Set yourself free! Yes, you have the power to free yourself from that black hole we call our email inbox.  It’s funny how we progress with our communications and how advanced our mobile devices are becoming.  I gave my Blackberry away and got a new iPhone and still found myself staying connected with people in very old-fashion ways.  I almost felt dirty configuring email on my iPhone.  I have turned off email in my iPhone and find myself using email less and less as each day passes.

Can you imagine a world with portable communication devices?

I remember playing with tin cans connected with a string when I was a child.  I also remember watching the TV show Star Trek with my brother and we would talk about how cool it would be to have one of those Star Trek Communicators (Remember “Beam me up Scotty”).  “WOW, how cool would that be to have the ability to just pull something from your pocket and talk with someone a few miles away!”  We thought it was something much later when we got a set of Walkie Talkies and could talk to each other over all the static just a few feet away.  Now we just take our mobile devices for granted.  Our smart phones combined with Geocoding & Social Media gives us ESP abilities that trips our “Spidey Senses” when someone we know is in the same area we are in.  This technology allows us to take advantage of an opportunity to spend some time with each other in the real world (ITRW), even if it’s just a quick cup of coffee.

Now Imagine A World Without Email?!?!

What? No email! How will I stay in touch with everyone?  How will I track my  stuff?

How often have you spent way too much time trying to find something in your email inbox?  I know I have wasted too much time doing this and I imagine if I could recoup that time, it would add up to a very long vacation in an exotic place.  Doing something productive, instead of digging through my inbox would have an exponential effect.  My company would save that money.  My company would make more money by having me convert that time into more productive tasks.  I recommend taking some baby steps, if you are not familar with Social Media.  Take it slow so your loved ones & colleagues can stay in touch with you.  Start using Instant Messages more, use text messages.  Call people when the communication looks like a conversation.  Remember to spend some “Face Time” with people that are important to you. You can read more about this at Thinking outside the inbox.

Social Media & The Sematic Web will Replace Email

The future is looking very interesting!  I can’t imagine a need for email and asking or answering the same or similar questions over & over when Social Media & The Sematic Web will automatically take care of keeping me up to date.

You can harness the power of crowds and discover the Collective Intelligence very similar to how Trinity learned how to fly a helicopter in The Matrix movie.  We are connected, the world is connected. We are learning things and doing things faster than ever, mostly due to the power of Collective Intelligence.  When you are about to make a purchase decision, do you email one person or do you go to the web?  I use Social Media Communities and Services like Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orbitz, Facebook, & Google to name just a few.  Would you be satisifed with the remote island of email (Wilson’s answer)?  Would you rather harness the power of crowds and take the collective intelligence?

Please read I Freed Myself From E-Mail’s Grip by Luis Suarez of I.B.M.

Check out his video from Web 2.0 Expo in Europe

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How are you using email less?

Please help replace email with Social Media!

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  1. Hi, cool article definitely sometimes too many emails can become an hassle!
    In fact that is one reason we started our SaaS cause managing global projects over email as communications is not a viable option many a times.
    What do you think about project management services that help manage global projects?

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